Springtime moving is a popular time of the year for residential relocation. Springtime is a time for fresh beginnings with vegetation, fresh air, and a brand-new location. In order to make it a success, here are a few tips to help you get ready.

Schedule Early

Springtime can be a busy season for residential movers. If you plan to relocate during the early months, make sure to schedule your move ahead of time. That way, your professional moving company ensures they have the staff to support you.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is already a common occurrence, but it’s especially important before a household move. Taking advantage of a deep clean will help you evaluate excess household items. Since moving fees are often calculated by volume, you could save money on your upcoming move.

Budget Early

Moving right after the holiday season can create a burden on your wallet. Suppose you get an estimate ahead of the holidays. In that case, you can ensure you have a fully funded move without putting a damper on your festive parties or gift-giving experiences.

Have a Yard Sale

People start looking forward to garage sale season when the weather warms up. A yard sale before a move is a great way to downsize. You can avoid moving unnecessary items and save costs on your moving expenses.

Plan for Weather

April showers may bring May flowers, but they make for a tough moving day. If you plan to move during the rainy season, make sure you have alternative plans. You can lay down cardboard boxes or keep extra towels on hand to keep your flooring protected during a wet move.

Keep Records on Hand

Many families like to move once school-aged kids are out for the summer. However, when you get to the new location, you’ll need important documents on hand so you can register your children at their new school. Label important documents clearly, or consider keeping them in a document protector.

Hire a Professional

For a truly hassle-free relocation, hire experienced long-distance movers. Don’s Moving and Storage has more than seven decades of providing streamlined household moving services with award-winning customer care. Get a free quote today.