Albany Mover Review by Laura

Don's packed our house in July 2017. At first it seemed okay. Everyone was friendly and working hard to pack our stuff right. The second day they came, they were just throwing things into boxes to get it done. I went out of my way numerous times to make sure they packed our home gym equipment with care. I asked if they were going to wrap it, they told me yes. I told them the items were very important to us. When we received them, our gym equipment and our leather couch were packed together, unwrapped or protected in any way. The beams of our squat rack were tied to each other and had rubbed together leaving scratches and chips in the paint. Also, our leather couch was covered in dirt and debris. There are now scratches and gouges on our couch as well as a 5" tear on the front. I can't even begin to say how disappointed I am that these items are damaged, especially the Rack as I went out of my way to make sure they took care with it. Also, some of our other pieces of furniture were damaged, book shelves and dressers, with chips or gouges in them, scratched and dented. I would not recommend.