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When the days start getting longer and the thermometers start creeping up, it’s time to start thinking about spending more time checking items off of your to-do lists! For many Albany-area families, the biggest goal for the summer month is to get settled into a new home before autumn hits, and summer remains the busiest season for Albany moving companies.

With Albany moving companies’ schedules booking up well in advance, it pays to get started early when planning your summer relocation. At Don’s Moving & Storage, we understand the challenges that come with a move during this busy time of year, and we’ve put together a few tricks of the trade from our expert Albany movers to ease the stress of the process: 

1.  Book Your Albany Movers ASAP
Movers in Albany book up fast as the calendar inches closer to summer, and you could be stuck without a moving crew on your preferred date if you wait too long to begin the process. Start researching Albany moving companies as soon as you know you’ll be moving, and lock-in the date you need at least 30 to 45 days in advance to avoid any unwanted scheduling surprises. 

2.  Be Prepared for Unpredictable Weather
While a dry, sunny day is perfect for moving, that doesn’t mean that the weather will always cooperate with our plans! Keep an eye on the forecast as moving day approaches, and stay in touch with your Albany movers if inclement weather is on the horizon. Dressing in layers is also helpful to handle both the cool mornings and blazing afternoons of summer!  

3.  Know Where Your Belongings Are on Moving Day
Not all household items can hold up to extreme temperatures, and the heat in a moving van can soar during the warm summer months. Everything from plants to DVDs and electronics can suffer damage from being left in the back of a moving truck, so stay ahead of the game by making sure that those items are all packed separately and transported in your personal vehicle, instead of being transported by your Albany movers, to your destination.

4.  Keep Your Loved Ones Out of the Heat
Young children and family pets are all at risk of injury, exhaustion, and dehydration during a mid-summer move, and it’s safer to arrange alternative caregivers for those that you love the most. Find family or friends to spend time with your children until you’re ready for them to head to your new home, and find a reputable kennel to book your pets into for a mini-vacation as you get through the big day.  

Summer is the ideal time to move for many families, and with a little extra planning it can be an exciting, hassle-free experience! To get additional tips on planning your new move, give the Albany residential movers at Don’s Moving & Storage a call today. You can also submit our online form if you’d like to start with a free estimate and consultation.