Making the move to a new home is a big transition. Considering the amount of fuel and packing materials that go into relocating your items it can also have a significant impact on the environment. Many of our customers are interested in ways they can complete an eco-friendly move when transitioning across the country. As experienced residential movers in Albany, we’ve seen customers produce great ideas for reducing their waste and benefiting the local community. 

If you are looking to conduct an eco-friendly relocation, we recommend starting with the Albany long-distance movers you pick. The right team will maintain an environmentally conscious business that uses less fuel, more recycling, efficient equipment, and vehicles.

Running an Environmentally Friendly Office

Movers who are concerned about sustainable business practices will first and foremost practice what they preach. You should see moving companies implement environmentally friendly practices in their daily operations. 

Look out for moving companies using wind or solar power to run their offices and facilities. You may also notice that they have recycling bins set up and they purposely use recycled materials, like paper and ink cartridges. Some companies will also go as far as using eco-friendly cleaning products and chemicals in their business.

Maintaining Eco-Conscious Deliveries

Since moving companies also transport goods hundreds of thousands of miles every year it’s important that they do their best to minimize the impact of vehicle pollution too. Companies will ideally use modern trucks and vans with more efficient engines and exhaust capturing filters. When they service their vehicles, they’ll also use eco-friendly practices and chemicals.

You may also find that they use full truckload shipping for long-distance transport, which means that they strive to send only fully loaded vehicles out. This could mean that your shipment will be combined with another customers’ shipment for part or all of the journey.

Incorporating Recycled & Reusable Materials into Packing

Lastly, many movers are switching to recycled or reusable packing materials. When you meet with a potential mover ask them if they offer these options for your home or business move:

  • Reusable wardrobe boxes for transporting clothing
  • Moving blankets and padding with rubber bands to protect furniture and fragile items
  • Plastic crates and tubs for storing household items and computer equipment

What Are Some Ways Homeowners Can Make Their Moves Environmentally Friendly?

Homeowners also have a lot of control over how their moves are conducted. If you are interested in minimizing your impact on the environment when relocating, consider trying out a few of these steps:

  • Donate as many usable household goods, clothing, appliances, and electronics as you can to local charities rather than throwing them out.
  • Properly dispose of old electronics and technology according to the local Albany community guidelines.
  • Dispose of old paint, gas/oil, and household chemicals according to Albany’s community guidelines.
  • Consider donating your food and perishable items to a local food pantry rather than moving them.
  • Use your blankets, towels, and clothing to wrap delicate and fragile items rather than paper or packing peanuts.
  • Look for used boxes to pack your items in, such as old boxes from your local grocery store or mail deliveries.

Learn More About a Long-Distance Move Through Don’s Moving & Storage

Since 1952, Don’s Moving & Storage has been meeting the needs of long-distance customers across Albany. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible services to clients and have even become agents for Wheaton Worldwide Moving to ensure we can meet your requirements for a cross-country relocation.

Our Albany long-distance movers can also provide a wide range of services including:

  • Full-Service Packing
  • Custom-Crating
  • Fragile-Only Moving
  • Large Item Moving
  • Sale of Packing Materials
  • Valuation Coverage
If you are thinking about a long-distance move soon, reach out to our residential movers in Albany. Don’s Moving & Storage can make sure that relocation meets your highest standards. Just give us a call or fill in our online form to set up a free move assessment and quote today.