Moving to a new home is a little bit of a project. Between furniture, boxes of personal belongings, and a little bit of extra worry for your most valuable items, there is always some apprehension that things will get lost or damaged. And the more valuable or irreplaceable the item is, the more stress it causes. Luckily, this is just the sort of thing that a moving and storage company is equipped to handle. 

We’ve got some tips for moving large, fragile items like:

  • Flat-Screen TVs
  • Antique Furniture
  • Large Format Artwork
  • Heavy Sculptures & Statues
  • Oversized Mirrors

It is possible to get just about anything across the country in one piece. Just as our long-distance movers in Albany with 70 years of industry experience.

Specialized Movers for Technology & Electronics

These days, home electronics can be worth thousands of dollars. If you’re moving smaller components like a home PC, it’s simple enough to box it up and add appropriate packing material. But what about large screen TVs that are far too large to be boxed? The good news is that these TVs exist in nearly every household across the US so any furniture moving company should be equipped to handle your TVs appropriately. We recommend these tips for safe moving:

  • Use the original manufacturer box or a specialty TV moving box.
  • Cover the screen with a soft material like a foam sheet to prevent scratches.
  • Stabilize the corners with foam squares.
  • Keep the TV upright at all times during handling and transportation.

A Delicate Touch for Antique Furniture, Sculptures, and Statues

Some things are far more valuable than their size might suggest. And when it comes to artwork, they may not be built for durability. This presents an added challenge when trying to move larger, fragile items. In this case, we recommend custom crating to effectively build a box around the object. Instead of using smaller corrugated boxes, the crate is typically made from 2x4’s and plywood. And instead of traditional packing materials like paper wrap and air packs, we recommend using anything soft like moving blankets or clothing.

Other Steps to Take for your Large, Fragile Items

The first step to safely transporting your most valuable, oversized items is proper packing. An experienced furniture moving company can help with that. But no level of preparation can prevent a catastrophic accident. So, we always recommend doubling up with additional valuation protection just in case. Standard valuation coverage typically pays for damages based on value calculated by size. This effectively puts a dollar limit on the amount you can be reimbursed for an item. However, with items like artwork and antique furniture, it’s almost never enough. Ask your moving company about additional protection options. And take the time to thorough document your inventory with pictures so that if the worst happens, you are prepared to file a claim. 

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Don’s Moving & Storage has a long history of helping people move in Eastern New York. Our residential movers in Albany have 70 years of industry experience handling large, fragile goods with a stellar success record. Founded in 1952, Don’s Movers is a BBB-Accredited, AMSA moving and storage company offering residential and commercial relocation and storage services. We’re a partner of Wheaton Worldwide Moving, offering local and long-distance service. Call today to get a free, in-home moving estimate.