Did you know that moving has a season? It’s true—most people move between May and September. It makes sense, the weather is warm, and the school year has wrapped up so there are fewer obstacles to get in the way. But moving during the summer also means that you’re competing with everyone else when it comes to scheduling movers and closing dates and all the other little to-do items that pop up during a move. Our Albany, NY long-distance movers suggest planning an off-season move to take advantage of a few little-known benefits.

Get Your Stuff a Lot Faster When You Move During the Off-Season

If you’re moving across the country, it definitely pays to schedule your move during the off-season. Typical congestion during the busiest moving months can add weeks to the transit time for your stuff. Meanwhile, this leaves you living out of a hotel room. But you could skip the hassle simply by paying attention to what month you’re scheduling your move for. Depending on where you’re moving, the weather might not be an issue at all. And missing the last few weeks of the school year isn’t going to have any sort of long-term effects on your kids.

Save a Fortune on your Moving Expenses with Off-Season Promotions

The cost of moving is significant. The average American family pays up to $4,300 per move. And during the busiest months, there is no incentive for moving companies to give you a good deal. In fact, you’re probably paying a premium just to get a moving truck. But during the off-season, there are far fewer trucks booked which means that many moving companies are keen on running promotions that will save you money if you know when and where to look.

Get the Flexibility that You Need with Off-Season Dates

If you’ve done this before, you know how much of a hassle it can be to get a moving truck when you need it. Many families end up making a lot of compromises, sticking their stuff in short-term storage and living in temporary housing just to make their relocation work. But if you move during the off-season, there are a lot fewer hoops to jump through. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll get your pick of dates.

The Bottom Line on Moving During the Off-Season

Our residential movers in Albany, NY describe it as a night and day difference between the peak season moving experience and the off-season moving experience. From greater flexibility to better prices, there are many reasons to consider an off-season move. 

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