Moving is a stressful time for everyone. It can take weeks or even months to get your belongings packed up, donations dropped off, and cleaning completed. The heavy lifting can seem almost impossible and tight timelines mean you’re in a hurry. Unfortunately, moving injuries are all too common and cause unnecessary setbacks. 

Don’s Moving and Storage cares about your safety and wants to help you avoid injuries during your next move to ensure a smooth and mindful transition into your new home. 

Give Your Body Time To Prepare

It is important to get adequate rest, ample nutrition and sufficient hydration. Focus on getting a decent night's sleep and eating protein rich meals in the days leading up to your move.

Stretch and Warm Up Before Beginning

Loosening up your muscles with aerobic stretching and mobility exercises is a great way to let your body know you are about to begin a long day. Here are some warm ups to consider the morning of moving day:

  • Arm and Leg Swings
  • Shoulder Pass Throughs
  • Neck and Joint Rotations
  • Hip Circles and Squats

Practice and Utilize Proper Lifting Techniques

After the age of 30, it's a fact of life that you are more likely to injure yourself by bending to pick up or put down an object. If you’ve never been taught proper lifting methods, watch a few step-by-step videos online to help you understand the fundamentals. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Know The Weight: Ensure the weight of load is within your carrying capacity before attempting to pick it up.
  • Create Support Base: Spread your feet apart to give your body stability.
  • Get Close: Position yourself as close to the object as possible.
  • Bend Your Knees: Keep your chest straight to avoid using your waist and back.
  • Go Slow: Using both hands, lift slowly using your legs and keeping your back straight. Exhale as you lift the load and stay mindful of your breath
  • Squat: Unload the object by squatting down to avoid straining your back. 

Dress For The Job

Take a hint from professional specialized movers like us, comfortable and protective clothing will make a long day of moving more bearable. If you’ve been injured before or require assistance from knee or back braces, be sure you have them handy and wear them at all times. Our other clothing recommendations include:

  • Closed Toe Shoes With Traction
  • Work Boots With Ankle Support
  • Long Sleeves and Pants
  • Proper Fitting Gloves

Tools Are You Friend

Professional moving and storage companies always keep lifting aids on the truck. Using hand trucks, dollies, and lifting straps will spare your body and keep your spirit lifted, too. Tools allow you to evenly distribute the weight you are carrying and reduce the amount of bending required to get your belongings moved. 

Avoid Overloading Boxes

The crew at Don’s Moving highly recommends having plenty of boxes available. This ensures you don’t overload boxes and have enough to go around. Collecting boxes over a few months is a simple and free way to prepare. Be sure to reinforce seams with heavy duty packing tape and keep loads light. 

Keep Clutter Contained

Pack away all items before you begin moving boxes to avoid tripping hazards. Consider sending children and pets to daycare for the day to ensure they don’t get underfoot. Create a loading strategy and make sure no furniture corners or boxes are waiting to snag your clothing. Roll up rugs and stow them in the corner. Be sure to trim any loose carpet. 

Enlist Don’s Moving & Storage

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is hire your local professional moving and storage company. When you’re looking for trustworthy and reliable residential movers in Albany, Don’s Moving is here to help. Since 1952, we have delivered on our promise to provide quality customer service, customizable moving plans, affordable pricing, and free in-home estimates. Our expert movers take time and consideration with your belongings. Whether you’re looking for commercial movers, local movers, or long distance movers in Albany, the team at Don’s Moving will provide you with a stress free experience. Call us today for a free estimate!