When you are moving in Albany, the best way to get started is by collecting multiple estimates for your relocation. There are plenty of local moving companies who can take your belongings to where they need to go, including Don’s Moving & Storage. 

We know that getting estimates can be a chore for homeowners who don’t always want strangers entering their properties. But the process is worthwhile to find a company you trust at a fair price. Let’s talk more about how estimates are created.

The Process for Creating a Local Moving Estimate

When creating a local moving estimate, just about any mover will calculate it at an hourly rate plus transportation costs. What does this mean?

Local moves are fairly straightforward for the mover. Most of the time customers only need transportation from one place to another, which can take a few hours. This makes it easy to calculate the moving estimate by the number of hours worked and the number of people needed for the job. Finally, the transportation costs are to cover the amount of fuel needed for the truck.

The Process of Creating a Long-Distance Moving Estimate

Albany long-distance movers create estimates a different way. It can be difficult to track all of the hours and people involved in a cross-country move. A simpler method is to calculate the moving estimate based on the weight of the overall shipment times a commonly used carrier’s tariff rate. 

During your moving estimate in Albany, the estimator will walk through the house taking a computerized inventory of items. The software used by movers to build moving quotes will use an average weight for each item entered to create an estimated weight for full shipment.

Why Do Movers Need Moving Assessments?

You can see why movers need an in-person assessment before creating a final estimate. Interstate movers need an inventory of items so they can calculate the total shipment weight. Local movers need to see how big the household is so they can estimate the number of hours and people it will take to complete the move.

A visual estimate also provides other important information for your moving company. The estimator can:

  • Take note of hazards in the area or around the property, like stairwells
  • Assess the parking situation, such as street parking only
  • Determine if some belongings require special care when handling

Adding Services Increases the Cost

The basic moving estimate will usually only include loading, transport, and unloading of belongings for customers. It you are interested in additional services, like full packing or temporary storage, that will increase the cost of the move. But if you don’t have the time to pack or need to complete a move quickly, the investment can be worthwhile. Some moving companies also sell packing supplies, like boxes and tape, to make self-packing more convenient.

Considering a Non-Binding Estimate?

You may have heard about non-binding estimates during the process of researching moving companies. These estimates are appealing to customers because they are usually a little lower than the average rate, but they come with a catch. Non-binding estimates can change before or during the move. 

Since the estimate isn’t binding, the mover can add on fees (within reason) as unexpected challenges come up during the move. This can include needing extra people or requiring overnight storage during a cross-country move.

For a final quote that doesn’t change, consider going with a moving company that provides binding estimates.

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