When it comes to a residential move, your garage is likely one of the most challenging areas to pack. This area of the home often becomes a catch-all for all of your rarely used possessions, and it can be a struggle to find a place for all of them during your relocation. The garage also stores more expensive possessions like vehicles and tools, both of which can be quite the hassle to transport.

Luckily, there are countless tips and tricks that you can use during your next relocation to make the garage moving process a breeze. Using these will make your move more efficient and less stressful, contributing to an overall positive experience. Let’s dive in and see what strategies you can take in your Upstate NY garage on moving day!

Transporting Vehicles and Motorcycles with Long Distance Movers

The extra vehicles found in your garage are easily the most challenging items to relocate. If you own more than one vehicle, you likely don’t want to make multiple trips back and forth to drive them to their new destination. Fortunately, your long distance movers have a variety of packing options that you can utilize.

Most vehicles can be trailered to their new home. Moving companies offer multiple options for this, including covered trailers and uncovered. If you own a vintage vehicle, it may be worth keeping it in a covered trailer to protect it from the weather. Additionally, consider purchasing extra insurance in the case of accidental damage.

Along with vehicle trailering, you can also pack precious motorcycles in custom crating. This will keep the vehicle upright and safe from damage.

Disposing of Flammable Liquids and Fluids

In almost all states, it’s illegal to transport flammable liquids and fluids due to DOT regulations. You’ll need to take the proper precautions before and dispose of these items. Try to use up any extra gasoline laying around, and find the appropriate donation centers for vehicle fluids like oil and antifreeze. Many auto part stores will take used oil, but coolant will have to be brought to a recycling center in most municipalities.

Decluttering Unwanted Items from Your Upstate NY Garage

The garage commonly harbors lots of unused items. Before you even begin to pack for your move, take some time and sort through all of these belongings. If you haven’t used it in the past year, get rid of it! Here are some viable options for where you can send these unwanted items:

  • Sell Valuable Goods on Online Marketplaces
  • Donate Low-Value Items to Thrift Stores
  • Have a Garage Sale
  • Bring All Extra Unused Items to the Local Dump

When in Doubt, Hire a Trusted Moving and Storage Company

Above all else, hiring residential movers is your best avenue at ensuring a successful move. At Don’s Moving and Storage, we have over 60 years of dedicated experience in Upstate NY helping families and businesses relocate their livelihood. With licensed and screened moving teams and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, there’s no better company to call for your next move.

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