Does choosing the right boxes for your move matter? The answer is yes for a couple of reasons. The right boxes protect against damage and also make handling the boxes easier. Boxes from random sources—such as those you may pick up at the grocery store—aren’t necessarily intended for moving, so they don’t provide the strength to prevent damage during the relocation.

If you’re planning a move, these are some of the types of boxes you may need:

Small Size Moving Boxes

Small boxes are the smart choice for heavy items, such as books. Using a large box for such items will make the boxes too heavy to lift easily. Also, it would be difficult for most large boxes to handle the weight of heavy items.

Medium Size Moving Boxes

Medium boxes are among the most used as they can be used for a variety of items, such as clothing, shoes, and small appliances. Quality moving boxes will show a weight limit, which you should keep in mind so as not to compromise the box's structural integrity.

Large Size Moving Boxes

Pack blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and other lightweight, bulky items in a large box.

Extra Tall Boxes

Protect tall narrow items, such as golf clubs and fishing rods, by placing them in an extra tall box rather than leaving them loose during the move.

Wardrobe Boxes

No one wants to have to take time to iron everything when they unpack. Using a wardrobe box minimizes wrinkling. The box has a bar where you can hang clothes just as you would in your closet.

Dish Pack Boxes

Dish pack boxes contain dividers that protect glasses, dishes, vases, and other fragile items. Whether moving your grandmother’s China or your everyday dishes, this type of box provides superior protection.

Large Picture/Mirror Boxes

This box features very sturdy walls that protect mirrors and artwork. Picture/mirror boxes also have durable handles that make it easier to carry the boxes.

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

Mattresses are expensive, so protect yours by doing more than just wrapping it in plastic. Instead, use a mattress bag and box to ensure your mattress will arrive at your new home unscathed. Like picture boxes, mattress boxes have handles for easier carrying.

Custom Crates

Particularly valuable or fragile items need the extra protection that only custom crating provides. Your antiques, sculptures, artwork, and other valuables will be protected by a wood crate that’s custom-built for your items.

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