Moving during the winter can bring unpredictable weather patterns and road conditions. Still, those aren’t deal breakers, and moving in the winter can have several advantages. Winter is a slower-moving season, and that can be quite appealing. So here are the top 5 tips for your winter residential move.

Keep Pathways Clear

If you live in the northern states, you know it is difficult to move around in snow. Don’t pack up that snow shovel just yet. Days before a move, ensure all pathways, including driveway and loading areas, are freshly shoveled and salted.

Protect Your Home

While salting sidewalks and driveways will make for a safer loading day, they’ll also leave behind a big mess. Melting snow or ice can also present sludgy mud. You don’t want any of that brought into your house, so make sure to lay down plenty of mats, sheets, blankets, or even cardboard.

Include Extra Padding

While packing during the cold winter days, remember that sub-temperatures are dangerous for delicate items. While packing up glassware or delicate family heirlooms, ensure that you provide extra padding for the trip in the truck.

Consider Your Utilities

During a residential moving day's loading and unloading portion, people will come in and out of your home. This means your furnace will be in constant overdrive, trying to keep up with the chilly air. Set your thermostat accordingly and ensure utilities are on at the new location.

Create an Emergency Kit

Winter weather can create dangerous conditions. Slippery walkways and icy roads can make movement difficult and result in injury or being stranded. Ensure you’re prepared with a first-aid kit, extra blankets, and towing assistance tools.

If you’ve got an upcoming household move and want a completely hassle-free experience, call an experienced moving and storage company. Don’s Moving and Storage offers full-service winter moves and has more than 70 years of proven experience.