Sometimes, your new home is not quite ready to move into. This can be challenging, as oftentimes your old home is in the process of closing. In this sort of scenario, what exactly do you do with all of your possessions? While it’s no problem finding alternative accommodations in the meantime (hotels, family, etc.), you certainly won’t be able to bring everything with you.

Your best option is to purchase storage services. Many moving companies offer this to their customers, as they recognize the unique difficulties they face. If you’re unsure about whether or not your move could benefit from a storage unit, this article will help you decide.

Here are three of the major reasons why you might need additional storage in your move.

#1: You Have Too Many Items in Your Upstate NY Home

In a world of material possessions, this is increasingly common. If you’ve lived in your home for many years, you’ve likely accumulated many things. While everything may (or may not have) fit perfectly in your house, your new home may not have room for them. 

In this situation, your only option is to purchase additional storage. A secure storage facility can provide peace of mind that all of your possession will be safe, during and after your residential move. Many facilities are protected by cameras, as well as fire and flood protection systems. If you have fine artwork or antiques, consider a climate-controlled unit.

#2:  Your Existing Home Has Sold Before You’ve Closed on a New One

This is a standard situation that many homeowners face. If you’re selling your home in a booming real estate market, you may be surprised at how fast others make an offer. Occasionally, you’ll even receive an offer that’s over the asking price. When this happens, you’ll need the pull the trigger right away. Although you’ll be sitting on a nice amount of cash, you won’t have a place to call home. What will you do with all your possession?

Family can’t take it all, especially your large furniture. By placing everything in storage, you can keep it all in one place, nicely organized, and ready for when you do close on a new home.

#3: You Need Additional Time to Sort Through Your Belongings

Many families like to use a move as a time to downsize. Like a spring cleaning, getting rid of all belongings can refresh your headspace, as well as make your new home roomier. However, some things are harder to get rid of them others. If you need time to selectively pick and choose what you want to keep, a storage unit can afford you the time to do so. When you’re ready to purge, consider getting rid of your items in these ways:

  • Thrift Stores and Goodwill
  • Needy Individual and Family Organizations
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Selling on Online Marketplaces
  • Bringing Low-Value Items to the Dump

Don’s Moving and Storage Can Help

If you’ve decided you’ll need help with storing your home’s possessions, Don’s Moving and Storage is there for you. We’re Upstate NY’s trusted local movers, and our qualified teams would be more than happy to help you relocate. We have top-rated household storage services that are sure to safely house your possessions while you move into your new home.

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