Relocation can be overwhelming enough for humans, but it can be especially difficult for family pets. To make the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll need to plan ahead. Here are some tips that can help ensure that your pets stay safe, comfortable, and happy during the move.

Find a Sitter for Local Moves

If you’re moving locally, it’s a good idea to keep your pets away from the hustle and bustle of moving day. Arrange for a trusted friend or family member to watch your pets for the day. You can also look into pet daycare services to provide your pets with a safe and relaxing environment while you handle the move.

Have Your Pet’s Favorite Toys & Treats at the Ready

Change can be stressful for pets, and having familiar toys and treats around can help ease their anxiety. Make sure you pack their favorite items in a clearly labeled box that’s easy to access on moving day so they feel more comfortable.

Protect Your Pet’s Home

If your pet has a home like an aquarium or terrarium, make sure to protect it properly during the move. Ask your residential mover about padding and crating options to ensure your pet’s home arrives safely and without damage.

Have Enough Pet Supplied for Any Long-Distance Travel

If your relocation involves a long car ride, it’s important to make sure your pets have enough food, water, and necessary supplies to last the entire trip. Pack a separate bag for your pet with enough supplies so you have everything ready when you need it to keep your pet happy on the road.

Research Local Veterinarians in Advance

Before you move, research veterinarians in your new neighborhood and find one that meets your needs. This way, you’ll be prepared in case your pet needs medical attention shortly after you arrive at your new home.

Check Local Regulations Regarding Exotic Animals

If you have an exotic pet, it’s important to check local regulations regarding pet ownership in your new area. Some states or countries have specific requirements or restrictions when it comes to exotic pets, so make sure you’re aware of these to avoid any legal issues.

Research Pet Restrictions for International Relocations

If you’re moving internationally, research the regulations and requirements for pet transportation to your inbound country. Many countries have strict rules, including quarantine requirements and breed restrictions. The U.S. Department of Agriculture can be a helpful resource on this topic.

Consider Hiring a Pet Shipping Company

If you’re moving long distances and concerned about the stress of transporting your pet, you may want to consider hiring a pet shipping company. These companies can provide specialized services to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during the move.

Hire an Experienced Mover

Hiring a professional long-distance mover ensures a smoother transition with expert advice. Don’s Moving and Storage has more than 70 years of streamlined relocation services and unbeatable customer care. Give them a call to get started with a free quote.